VAG's SCI page
(SCI means 'Sierra Creative Interpreter')

  Here you will find some results of my researches of SCI engine - information, specs, tools, etc.

  Current projects
   - .VMD Player - 90% complete download beta 0.05 (hey, it's alive!)
   - .RBT Player - 50% complete


SCI Utilities
File Date Size Description
VMD Player 0.05b 30-dec-2004 21kb Player for Sierra's VMD video NEW beta - with sound playback!
VMD Player 0.04b 18-jun-2003 17kb Player for Sierra's VMD video beta
SCI Resources Dumper 23-jul-2002 47kb Tool to extract resources from SCI1.1/SCI32 res*.* files
With sources
Views Viewer 1-aug-2002 171kb Simple viewer for SCI1+ pal/v56/p56 resources

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