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On this page you can find some links to interesting sites about Programming, Security and other nice things. Please inform me if these links is broken or sites moved.

Large sites
Exe-List The right place to talk about executables!
Sudden Discharge The largest exe-protectors, packers and unpackers collection.
Aaron's homepage Get all new stuff from here!
RIT Research Labs. The BAT!, DOS Navigator - the best russian products.
ASPack software Home of ASPack and ASProtect - outstanding solutions for program's developers.
CrazyMaX's page All DeGlucker's versions prior 0.05 can be found here.
UNPACKING GODS We can unpack anything ;)
Delirium Tremens Group Famous russian group at exe-unpackers scene.
Michael Hering's homepage Home of FileInfo - the best file identification tool.
UPX's home The best executable compression utility. Now with free sourcecode!

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