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AS-AntiProtect download notes

 ASAP is under development now. And i'm currently too busy to continue improve it. On this page you can download latest stable beta version. Please be prepared for some bugs which may appear while you use this program. It would be very nice if you inform me about these bugs.
Warning: English documentation isn't completed yet, only russian one available. But i hope ASAP's interface pretty easy to understand...


 This program was created just for fun and for test my skill on PE-unpacking scene (btw, it's my first PE-unpacker). Due to specific of protector itself, i can suppose what some peoples can use this tool for illegal purposes.
For such guys: Please don't complain if some/all files can't be unpacked or works wrong after unpackig. This tool is just an example, not the `last chance`! If ASAP can't unpack something...well, don't unpack it.
For program authors: At first, please excuse me for using name of your program within ASAP - i'm really don't want it. Second: I'm very sorry if someone unpack/crack your program with this tool. Don't worry - everything can be broken. But you're make right choice - ASProtect is the best program protection tool at this moment.

Final words

 Please don't waste your time to searching for hidden options inside ASAP. All `disabled` interface contrlos means what such features isn't implemented/buggy now and absent in code.

Latest version is 0.98b Click here to download it.
Download (388kb)

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