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DeGlucker - The powerful debugger
File Date Size Description
DeGlucker 0.05-VSL 9-may-2000 60kb The first public alpha release of DG-VSL
DeGlucker 0.04r 14-jan-1999 100kb The last CrazyMaX's release with sourcecode

ASAP - ASProtect unpacker
Beta versions! Be careful!
File Date Size Description
AS-AntiProtect 0.98b 30-jan-2001 380kb Unpacker for ASProtect'ed files
Still beta, but public!

Misc stuff
You can freely obtain sourcecode(s) of following programs, just send me your request
File Date Size Description
UnPScrypt 1.2 5-may-2000 1.2kb PolyScrypt (SMT-Scrypt) 1.2 envelope remover
UnTRAP 1.26 31-mar-2000 1.5kb Script for TR for removing TRAP 1.26 envelope
X-PCr v1.5 25-feb-2000 5kb PCrypt 3.41-3.51 envelope remover
DeSDW179 v1.01 16-dec-1999 2kb SDW386 1.79 envelope remover
DeTRAP v1.5 14-oct-1999 5kb TRAP 1.25 envelope remover
UnC-Crypt v1.0 31-jul-1999 524b C-Crypt 1.02 envelope remover
DeUPS'97 v1.3 21-jun-1999 3kb UnPackStop 0.97 envelope remover
DeUPS'96 v1.1 14-apr-1999 2.5kb UnPackStop 0.96 envelope remover
DeTRAP v1.2 7-apr-1999 13kb TRAP 1.13-1.23 envelope remover + batch decompiler

Other files
This section contain some useful programs written by other authors
File Date Size Description
xtrap 1.26 7-may-2000 3kb Another TRAP 1.26 removing script. By Michael Hering.
Un-Pack v1.9 25-oct-2000 170kb File identifier + above 50 integrated unpackers. By Snow Panther [DTG]

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