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1. Introduction
 DeGlucker is a powerful protected mode debugger for debugging real-mode DOS applications. Here is a brief list of its advantages and features:  

 You MUST try DeGlucker if you use tools like TurboDebugger, SoftIce, TR, CCD, LTR, and want something more powerful.

2. System requirements

3. Screenshots
 Few screenshots of DG, click on picture to enlarge it. (Warning! At least 800x600 screen resolution recommended!)

Click to enlarge!
Main DeGlucker's screen.

Click to enlarge!
Now with FPU support.

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Need some help? Get it!

4. In the current version
 Check the Download section for the latest version of DG.

5. In the next versions

6. About authors
 Sorry, not completed yet now...

0. License
  This software is provided "AS IS". The authors will have no liability for special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or resulting from the use or modification of this software.


DeGlucker is a FREEWARE program. Charging money for it is STRONGLY PROHIBITED!
You mustn't modify the original program's package.

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